• "Commercial & Domestic Buildings Tested Any Size"
  • "Commercial & Domestic Buildings Tested Any Size"

Welcome To Southern Air Pressure Testing


At Southern Air Pressure Testing, we test domestic and commercial properties regardless of size to ensure compliance with building regulations.

From initial specification to on-site testing, our professional and helpful service provides customers with practical and cost effective solutions to achieve Part L of the Building Regulations.

Providing air tightness testing services to everyone no matter how big or small. Working with major building contractors, developers and small general builders.

Air tightness certificates and reports, including air leakage rates are produced.

What is air leakage?


Air leakage, air permeability and air tightness are all terms that refer to the uncontrolled loss of air from inside a building to the outside and the infiltration of air coming from outside to inside. This loss or gain of air through cracks, holes or gaps in the fabric of the building is often felt to us as draughts.

Achieving a good level of air tightness is important for the energy efficiency of the building. The benefits of improved insulation and more energy efficient heating systems are lost if warm air can leak out of the building and cold air can leak in. Poor air tightness can be responsible for up to 40% of heat loss from buildings.


Why carry out air leakage testing in buildings?


Building Regulations require that builders/developers prove the air tightness of a sample of new buildings on any development.

The regulations set a maximum allowable air permeability measure for all buildings but the specific performance required on any given unit will depend on the SAP or SBEM calculations which determine whether the building's Design Emission Rate (DER) is below the Target Emission Rate (TER).


What is air leakage testing in domestic and commercial buildings?


A method of quantifying how much air leaks into or out of the building to check compliance with the requirements of Building Regulations.

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